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about me

My name is Stephanie de Jesus and I am self-taught and self-ignited on a journey to make this service valuable to people, I really do believe that I can help create innovation and success with this service. 


I'm an alum of the University of San Francisco and received a BA in International Economics.  I also attended classes at College of San Mateo and completed all courses for Accounting, all I need to do now is to study for the CPA exam.  Creating this business is a great distraction from the studying that's ahead of me in that quest!  In the meantime I also have twin sons in middle school.  They are above all my best accomplishment and highest priority.

I started my career as an auditor for a pension fund, an amazing experience where I learned how to read contracts and make fully enforced decisions.  I then went back to my alma mater and worked at USF in Fundraising, where we ultimately helped create the Salesforce tool for higher education - an experience that showed me that I have a lot more to offer for databases and data in general.  Most recently I've helped transform my family's real estate and property management brokerage into a burning success, with the use of data and a solid foundation of day to day operations. 

I want to bring my experience to the rest of the world so that we can all continue to grow together.

  • database integration

  • bookkeeping

  • invoicing

  • policy and procedure

  • best practice

  • payroll

  • cloud-based upgrades

  • vendor liaison

  • professional communication

  • tax rules 

  • experience & preference

  • financial reporting 

  • custom reports you want to see

  • communication

  • transaction coordination

  • marketing consultations

  • business cards

  • LLC filing

  • next steps

  • keep the ball rolling - follow up maintenance

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